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thai iced tea
Beef Fried Rice

take me back to thailand

Story time: 

I bring you home to meet my Thai mother. She cooks us a legit Thai meal. You’ve never had Thai like this. You’re used to white-wash Thai. You will now never go back. 

What we grew up on, coincidentally is the new fad and trends :


✔️ Vegan Friendly 

✔️ Organic

✔️ Locally Sourced

✔️ Eco-friendly

Thai Modern Eatery (TME) aimes to have a relax modern atmosphere. Staff so friendly it feels like you are bring friends home for mom's home cooking. 

P.s. Our mom does not apologize for the flavors, traditions and integrity of dishes. #dragonmom 



One year older, One year wiser! 

Come wish us a happy birthday Nov. 3rd. 

What is to come next year! 

  • online ordering 

  • online reservations 

  • delivery 

  • gift certificates 

  • collaborations 

Thailand Modern Eatery

 "Let me tell you this food is so similar to the food I had on vacation in Thailand.  It felt like being on vacation all over again! This is seriously a 10 out of 10." -Abby J.

Thailand Modern Eatery
Thailand Modern Eatery


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